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Welcome to Paraabled.com.  This website is dedicated to advocating for the disabled, and providing entertainment in the form of fictional stories.

I am Russ Thompson.  I am a 60-year-old male with Cerebral Palsy.  I started this site in October of 2016 to advocate in writing for the Para-Abled and to entertain people with my short stories.

So, why the name Para-abled?  Glad you asked!  We are familiar with the prefix ‘para’.  A paramedic is not a full doctor, but has had some medical training.  Same with a paralegal.  I want to say something about paranormal, but that is flat weird.  A para-abled person is one that is not quite able.

My van has no air conditioner (and If you are not in Texas, that is a BIG problem).  My van is not disabled.  It comes up short in the heat, but it gets me there.  I too have problems, but I am not disabled.  I am para-abled.


Advocating for People with Disabilities